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Established in 1974.

In 1963, an ambitious young man and our founder went to study air conditioning, heating, and ventilation from the experts in New York. The air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. Our grandfather wanted to learn about air conditioning from the best in the business in 1963. After learning the business, he went on to work for several companies before starting our family business in 1974. Today our air conditioning company is based in South Florida. We are committed to serving our customers with honest advice and fair prices for all of our services and equipment. By placing our customer’s interest above our own we have ensured our long-term business success. All of our services and equipment are top quality and are at the core of our company’s long-term commitment to our customers. We are focused on having satisfied lifelong customers, not single transaction clients. Therefore, it is in our best interest to repair a system at the lowest cost to the customer to maintain a long term relationship and grow our business for decades.


USA First A/C

We provide the very best service to our clients by delivering affordable services & 100% customer satisfaction. Word of mouth is our number one source for new business. We are mindful that dissatisfied customers will tell between 9-15 people about their experience, while happy customers who get their issue resolved might tell 4-6 people. It is imperative for us to have satisfied and happy customers. 

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We proud to provide world class service, and we stand behind our work with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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