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When time comes to replace your air conditioning system, a lot of people struggle with some of these questions.

What is SEER Ratings / How many SEER do I need?

SEER stands for (Seasonal Energy efficiency Ratio). The federal minimum SEER rating is 13, and the options run up to 25 SEERs. This might escalate the price to 50% percent more as you go higher with the rating, but higher SEER not always deliver the energy savings to make it cost-effective. For example, 13 SEERs air conditioning system will keep your home Temperature the same as a higher-rated system, such as 18 SEERs air conditioning system. It’s actually the thermal rating on your home that can play a much more significant role in lowering utility consumption such as:

  1. Installing impact windows (Low E Windows & Solar Screens)
  2. Reseal and Double Insulate Your Ducts
  3. Double Insulation in the Ceiling
  4. Install Attic Exhaust Fan

If you improve your home by taking these majors, that will reduce heat escaping into your home which will result lowering your air conditioning running cycles, and that eventually will reduce your Utility Bill.

What are the best central air conditioner brands to consider when replacing a system?

Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer. Many of those brands are owned by one corporation, such as ( TRANE / AMERICAN STANDARD / AMERISTAR ). Both Trane and American Standard are manufactured in the same facility, which goes to some other air conditioning brands as well. The bottom line the quality of the installation is a very important factor. In fact, In most cases, the failure of components is almost always the result of improper installation.


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