Air Conditioning loses about 6% of its efficiency each year cycle. The best defense you have as a homeowner is to maintain your system Regularly. An annual checkup for the system could extend your system life. It's one of the money-saving practices for home-ownership. A maintained system will result in keeping the system on constant, efficient performing while experiencing fewer breakdowns.


• Reduced energy bills
• Increased in-home comfort
• Improved air quality
• Reduced breakdowns
• Increased efficiency
• Improved air flow
• Reduced repair costs

AC Maintenance Service

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22 Points service Inspection

  • Clean Cond. drain line & pan
  • Surface Clean outdoor Coil
  • Inspect services disconnect 
  • Inspect Fan blade
  • Check Freon levels
  • Contactor condition
  • Outdoor Cond. Fan motor Amps
  • Oil motor ( if necessary
  • Inspect Compressor & Amps reading 
  • Liquid Drier condition
  • Examine Blower motor & Fan Amps reading
  • Test Capacitor MF
  • Check Unit TD Temp
  • Tighten Electrical connection
  • Inspect Evap. Coil Condition
  • Test Humidistat (if applicable)
  • Inspect Thermostat
  • Inspect Condition of line Set.
  • Test Float Switch Operation.
  • Inspect Duck Seal near Air Handler.
  • Inspect and Clean Air Filter
  • Inspect Heat relays

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