Four ways to save money on utility bills!​



Moving your thermostat up or down a few degrees could save or cost you money each year. Install a programmable thermostat that can set the Temperature to higher during the day when you aren’t home and at night when you are sleeping. With today’s technology, there are even some thermostats that program themselves! Such as NEST, ECOBEE. These smart thermostats can be set up with an app away from home or automatically change and learns your daily routines without you having to do anything.

Seal your windows

Poorly sealed windows could cause cool air to escape out, which will result in the system working longer and harder to bring the Temperature down. Installing new energy-efficient windows could cost a little upfront, but you’ll make it up in the long run with lower utility bills.



Many homeowners don’t pay much attention to replace their System filters. You must replace your filters every 3,6 months. It “depends on many factors.” That will provide you with better airflow within the unit and better air quality in your house. It can help the system cool the space more efficiently and prevent it from continuously running, trying to reach your desire Temperature, or getting your evaporator coil to freeze up in some cases.

Get your Air Conditioning regular maintenance

Servicing your air conditioning system can extend the life of your system. Your contractor will perform an Inspection check-up for your whole system, including making sure the refrigerant is at proper levels, and all components are operating and functioning efficiently, which will reduce the chances of future breakdown.

Following these few steps by either investing in your house with programmable thermostats or replacing your filters regularly can quickly lower your utility costs today and your system’s long life.

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