Where should your air conditioner be installed?​

Air conditioning systems have two primary parts, an air handler & a condenser unit. Both parts work in a certain way to create a cooling environment. Proper installation of the air conditioning equipment is essential to keeping your home cool efficiently and for the system to live longer. Installing a new system can be costly itself, and failing to install it properly because of lack of experience can cause all sorts of problems that might damage your system in a short period, which may lead to breakdown sooner.

Condenser unit

The rule of thumb to install the Condenser Unit away from the bedrooms or living rooms, which reduces the noise from the unit while sleeping or watching television. For example, besides the garage or the bathrooms, it might be an ideal location.

Air Handler

The air handler, on the other hand, is the most critical component of the air conditioning system. Therefore, it is essential to choose a location for the air handler carefully.

Attic: having the air handler in the attic creates challenges for the homeowner as well as HVAC technicians for the following reasons:

  • Very hot and humid: Heat and humidity surrounding the unit can cause the unit to attract moisture from the air and form perspiration or water drops around the unit. Left unchecked, the abundance of moisture will cause ceiling damage in the long-term. It is difficult to see or notice mold spores that are hidden away in the ceiling; therefore, routine maintenance of the entire system is essential. We recommend a six-month interval between checkups in order to prevent a buildup of health hazards such as mold.
  • Algae growth: In hot and humid climates such as Florida, it is easy for Algae to build up in the drain pan or drain line, which requires regular maintenance checkups to prevent the drain from being clogged. Having the unit in the Attic makes it difficult for homeowners who don’t have their units regularly checked to notice the problem in the early stages, which causes leaks in the ceiling and costly damage.

Recommended areas

Garage, closets, or any air-conditioned areas within your home will be your best bet.

Having your air handler installed in those areas will provide you with easy access and the ability to notice any water leaks which could occur at any time for multiple reasons.

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